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Manufacturer: Textron Aviation
Part Number: AQK210-032
Firewall Forward Engine Hose Kit - Cessna T210 S/N 64136 thru 64535
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Parts List

AE7013354B00901Manifold Pressure
359-3D01301Manifold Pressure - Firewall to Gauge
AE3663819B03501Fuel Pressure
AE366381B01901Fuel Vent
AE7013106H03042Oil Cooler
AE7010000E03101Oil Pressure -Turbo
AE7010000B04151Oil Pressure - Gauge
AE7013106H02401Oil Pressure
624000-8D01261Fuel Selector
AE7010000E02901Fuel Reservoir
AE3663162E03101Exhaust Valve
AE7010000G05501Exhaust Valve
AE7013354G01201Exhaust Valve
AE3663819B01441Fuel Primer
AE1008098E01401F/P Return
AE1008098E01201F/P Outlet
AE1008098E03201F/P Manifold Valve
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