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Leading Benefits of Using AVBLEND Oil Additive on Your Aircraft

Benefits of AVBLEND Oil Additive on Aircrafts

Throughout the years, oil additives have become commonplace as a chemical compound that improves the performance of base oil products. While there are many options on the market for oil additives, at Air Power, Inc. we are proud to offer our clients the best product available for their engine maintenance services.


Let’s take a look at why AVBLEND Oil Additive is our personal choice for premier aircraft performance and how your clients can benefit from your maintenance shop’s supply of this product.


AVBLEND Restores Peak Combustion Performance


The last thing a pilot wants is an aging engine to burn oil and damage the combustion chamber. Oil additives, especially AVBLEND, have the potential to not only reduce the amount of oil burned by an older engine but also restore peak combustion performance by stopping leaky piston rings and restoring a tight seal that keeps an engine flowing smoothly.

This improved combustion performance stems from the micro-lubrication provided by AVBLEND, which allows the product to lubricate deeply and safely into the metals that keep engines running. As the additive reduces engine friction, it regulates temperature within the engine, improves fuel economy, and reduces engine wear (as you’ll see below).


Overall Engine Wear Reduction


Every pilot wants their aircraft’s engine to perform as long and as efficiently as possible. With AVBLEND oil additives on an engine’s side, this is definitely a possibility. Using AVBLEND oil additives helps prevent devastating wear and tear that can occur through engine startup alone.

As a premier oil additive product, AVBLEND contains the micro-lubrication to prevent common and expensive engine problems that include:

  • Dry-Start Damage
  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Carbon and Deposit Build-Up
  • Valve Sticking
  • Guide Wear
  • Total Engine Failure

When examined as a product that prevents devastating engine damage, it’s clear that AVBLEND offers operational cost-savings that are invaluable to any aircraft owner. Although initially, using AVBLEND in an oil change adds on an extra cost, we guarantee that it is much more cost-effective than a total engine replacement or aircraft replacement in the case of engine failure.


AVBLEND Provides Greater Security for Pilots


AVBLEND’s ability to reduce wear not only saves pilots money but has in the past, saved pilots’ lives. One prime example of the power behind AVBLEND was seen in 2009 when stunt pilot Sean D. Tucker experienced an oil line rupture. Thanks to his dedication to using two bottles of AVBLEND with each oil change, his engine was able to run for 6 minutes with zero oil pressure after the failure.

Once Tucker safely landed his aircraft, it was found that the deep metal penetration provided by AVBLEND kept the engine in pristine condition and allowed for the pilot’s successful landing.


Secure Oil Additive That Assists in All Stages of an Engine’s Life Through Air Power, Inc.


If you’re the owner of an aircraft repair business and are ready to provide your customers with the best additives, aircraft parts, and engines on the market, Air Power, Inc. is ready to be your go-to source.

We are one of the nation's most recognized suppliers of aircraft and engine parts and products. Trust us to provide you with quick, efficient deliveries that all start with our updated online ordering system.


Contact us today to learn more about our services or simply explore our online shop to find and order the parts you need for 2022!

Troubleshooting Ideas for Aircraft Alternator Problems

Aircraft Alternator Problems

An aircraft’s alternator is the piece of equipment that serves as the root provider for an aircraft’s total electrical needs. Without a properly functioning alternator, an aircraft’s battery can’t properly charge and could leave an aviator grounded until the problem is resolved.

At Air Power, Inc. we specialize in providing our clients with quality aircraft engines and parts. If your customers come to you with the need for a new alternator or related part, we have the supply on hand to help you keep your customer’s aircraft in prime condition.

However, before completely switching out alternators for customers, let’s take a closer look at the true signs that the alternator is their source of trouble and how you or your customers can troubleshoot the source of their issue for the most accurate repair or replacement.

Signs Your Alternator is in Trouble

If an aircraft experiences some of the following issues, they are a red flag that an alternator is on the verge of failure:

  • Low or no output
  • Stalling engine
  • Discharge indication on an ammeter. These should usually have zero charges with a functioning alternator
  • Declining load meter
  • Low-bus-voltage/alternator-out annunciators

How can You Troubleshoot Your Customer’s Alternator Problems?

When the alternator warning light pops up on an aircraft’s dashboard, it’s important for owners and mechanics alike to remember that this warning light doesn’t always mean that the alternator is the engine part with a problem.

So in order to save an owner the stress of returning an alternator to a mechanic only to realize there is no fault found, here are some ways from the expert manufacturers of Hartzell that can help them troubleshoot their alternator’s problem before having to dig deeper into the mechanics of the aircraft.

Get the Tools of the Trade

In order to perform most troubleshooting techniques, an individual must invest in a Calibrated Volt-Ohm Meter. Our recommendation is to avoid VOMs made with stainless steel as they don’t provide the magnetism that some troubleshooting tests require.

Start With Recycling Switches

Recycle your alternator switch to determine if low or no output to your battery is resulting from the alternator. After switching on your Master and Alternator switches, use your VOM to measure the output. Based on the type of system you have, the following measurements mean that an alternator is in trouble:

  • Less than 13.5 volts for a 12V
  • Less than 25.5 volts for a 24V

Test Magnetic Pull

After your Master and Alternator switches are on, you could place a metal scale on the alternator chassis. A magnetic pull without alternator output showing on your VOM means that there is a problem with the alternator itself.

Measure Field Voltage and Test Field Resistance

Measure your field voltage with your VOM. It should read 75% bus. If it’s lower or zeroes, it’s time for your customers to bring in the alternator.

Use the VOM against your alternator’s field wire to test the field resistance. Your aircraft’s 24-volt alternator should have this reading at 8-12 ohms. Any higher or lower, there could be issues with the alternator’s brushes or brush assembly.

Inspect Grounds With VOM

Check the grounds between your alternator and the aircraft’s frame. If your reading is less than 0.2 ohms, take the aircraft in for inspections and necessary repairs.

Meet Your Customer’s Alternator Needs With Air Power, Inc.

If your aircraft repair shop is constantly in the market for alternators and alternator parts, join up with Air Power, Inc. for a partnership that ensures your shop receives the necessary parts it needs on time.

Our website updates allow our customers to view our stock in real-time and gain a clear understanding of when they will receive their product.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or peruse our website and start making a mass order now.

Top Benefits of Financing an Airplane Engine Purchase
Top Benefits of Financing an Airplane Engine Purchase

If your business responsibilities include providing airplane owners with engines and engine parts, you’ll need to make advanced investments to ensure you always have the necessary equipment on hand.

We’ve been in the industry for decades and know that the flat-out purchase of a single airplane engine can be expensive. Now, multiply these financial needs by a dozen or so, and the prices really hit exorbitant levels.

Fortunately, at Air Power, we understand that businesses and airplane owners don’t always have the instant cash available to cover the purchase of multiple new or refurbished aircraft engines. That’s why we are proud to offer simple financing options to all of our customers that are eager to get off of the ground!

Why Finance Your Next Engine Through Air Power, Inc.?

Financing an aircraft engine means that you’ll qualify for a flexible payment plan, and will, more importantly, come out of the application process with one or more new and overhauled engines.

Trust us to make financing a simple process that helps your customers make aircraft upgrades and engine replacements that keep their crafts in the air.

Here are some of the biggest reasons to put your financing needs in our hands.

We Have Pre-Established Financial Partners

In most cases, it can be difficult to find a bank that approves overhauled engine financing at affordable rates. However, at Air Power, we avoid the hassle of dealing directly with a traditional bank.

Each of our financing opportunities is backed by Van Bortel Finance Corporation. Their trusted industry name, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction guarantees excellent service throughout the entire financing process.

We Keep Financing Personal

Financing for any customer can seem like an impersonal transaction that can often leave a lingering, untrusting feeling at the end of the day. 

At Air Power, our financing isn’t supplied by a third party you have to warm up to. Each of our financing transactions is made directly through our team. This means that even before the financing is secured, rapport has been established and our customers already know they’re getting honest, quality financing opportunities.

Our Financing Options Are Available for All of Our Top Engines

No matter the type of aircraft engine your customers need, Air Power is prepared to help you provide the best equipment to your repair shop at flexible rates.

Our entire engine collection is available for financing opportunities. So, no matter what your needs are, you can rest assured that we won’t discriminate when determining whether a product is eligible for financing.

Be Prepared for Any Engine Repair or Replacement With Air Power, Inc.

Air Power Inc. is dedicated to doing everything in our power to make aircraft engines and parts easily attainable to our customers. From our financing services to our continual updates to our website and user-friendly practices, we are your local resource for reliable, quality aircraft engines at a competitive price.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or browse our online shop to discover what aircraft parts we currently have in stock.

Why Choose Rotax Epoxy Floats to  Solve Your Carburetor Problem?
Why Choose Rotax Epoxy Floats to Solve Your Carburetor Problem?

An aircraft’s carburetor is an essential piece of an internal combustion engine. When functioning properly, the carburetor supplies the engine with the essential air/fuel mixture to facilitate the internal combustion of the engine.

When an aircraft carburetor starts to malfunction, the engine starts to stall, creating a dangerous situation for any pilot. Typically, this is due to a malfunction in the carb’s float chamber, a common problem seen in Rotax and other engine carburetors.

Fortunately, Air Power, Inc. has the solution to the Rotax carburetor problem, and is prepared to help you stock your repair shop with Marvel-Schebler Air’s Rotax/Bing Blue Epoxy Floats!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this premier product so special.

What is a Carburetor Float?

Carburetor floats help maintain the fuel levels in the carburetor and regulate the fuel flow to the aircraft’s engine. These engine parts are essential because they help offset problems caused by too little and excess fuel in an engine.

Some of the biggest dangers of ill-leveled fuel in an engine include:

  • Poor engine performance
  • Engine stalling
  • Constant refueling due to poor fuel economy
  • Wet, damaged spark plugs

Why Choose Marvel-Schebler Epoxy Floats?

It’s clear why carburetor floats are essential, but why choose Marvel-Schebler epoxy floats? At Air Power, we’ve found they are the best product on the market for reliable carburetor floats.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few of the biggest reasons why so many pilots and aircraft shops use Marvel-Schebler to keep Rotax engines running.

It Fixes Common Carburetor Problems

Throughout the history of our industry, floats have been necessary products that came with their own set of problematic issues.

From hollow cork floats to hollow brass floats, there always seemed to be an issue with fuel absorption within the float, leading to carburetor problems and aircraft malfunction.

In the past, even a pinpoint-sized fracture could lead to quick fuel absorption, throwing off a carburetor’s functionality.

Rotax Engine Bing Epoxy Floats are solid, one-piece epoxy floats that simply won’t leak or absorb fuel. Regardless of any holes in the material, these solid floats will not absorb fuel, and continue to perform their job to perfection.

Strong, Reliable, Tough

Since 2005 when the epoxy float was invented, Marvel-Schebler has continuously proven that epoxy floats are stronger and more durable than their brass counterparts. 

From weight-driven stress tests to placing their epoxy floats in direct contact with extreme temperatures, these products have always proven their strength against the odds and have effectively led to the obsoletion of hollow brass floats in the aviation industry. 

Keep Your Customer’s Engines Running with the Power of Air Power, Inc.

If you manage an aircraft repair business and help a lot of customers out with malfunctioning floats in their Rotax engine, epoxy floats from Marvel-Schebler may be the solution you need

These floats are currently in stock at Air Power, Inc. and can be shipped to your location quickly. Contact us today or use our new shopping cart features to get your order started.

Why Should You Order Aircraft Parts & Engines Sooner Than Later?
Why Should You Order Aircraft Parts & Engines Sooner Than Later?

Air Power, Inc. Is proud of our reputation for being the go-to supplier for quick turnaround orders on airplane parts and aircraft engines.

However, recently, the United States continues to fall deeper into supply chain issues; many of which impact deliveries in our industry. It’s no surprise that the ease of our product delivery has taken a hit.

Let’s take a closer look at the current supply chain situation and why your aircraft & engine repair business should order aircraft & engine parts from Air Power before an urgent need arises.

What Are the Major Supply Chain Issues?

Scarce Materials

Across the nation, manufacturers have struggled to produce supply as demand throughout general aviation continues to rise rapidly.

As materials to create products for essential aircraft components become harder to come by, supply chains slow down and sometimes grind to a halt. Scarcity in materials not only increases lead times but also forces several manufacturers to increase prices to meet their own financial goals.

Forecasting Difficulties

Unlike in the past, manufacturers have found it difficult to forecast how much inventory is in demand. Without the ability to accurately forecast demand, production accuracy falters and manufacturers can easily underestimate how high in demand their products are.

Port Congestion

In conjunction with labor shortages that plague national supply chains, ports continuously find themselves in a position where they are unable to unload new deliveries in a timely manner. Although bottlenecks at ports still eventually get items loaded and shipped, the situation makes it almost impossible for manufacturers to meet timely delivery deadlines.

As an example of how port congestion impacts us, one of our manufacturers currently has several containers sitting on a ship anchored off of the coast of Los Angeles.

Increased Freight Prices

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, several industries have actually increased their reliance on international shipping. However, the availability of shipping containers is limited, therefore, with higher demand comes higher shipping costs.

These costs hold up some manufacturers’ abilities to mass ship their products and ultimately leads to costly delays that force them to increase prices on the products they are selling.

Why Should Your Aircraft & Engine Repair Shop Order Parts Now?

If you wait until your client’s aircraft is broken down to have parts on hand, depending on the parts you need, you may have waited too long. As much as Air Power, Inc. wants to quickly turn around all products for our clients, they can no longer call us up and have it overnighted as in the past.

While we still have a host of products we can send out the same day, this isn’t possible with popular products like cylinders, lifters, and engines. Some of the most popular engines and engine products may not even show up until November of 2022 if ordered right now.

Air Power has been placing consistent orders, but as the industry continues to face supply chain issues, we’ve found that we end up selling products before they even hit our shelves.

We will always be the most reliable, customer-centric supplier of aircraft parts. That is why we think it’s so important to remind our clients to always look ahead to what they may need and order essential items as early as possible in order to secure the locked in prices that we offer our valued customers.

Get the Best Prices on Aircraft Parts and Engines from Air Power, Inc.

We genuinely care about our customers and are flexible with helping your shop meet its needs. We put our pricing out in the open and allow our customers to understand the savings they’ll benefit from when working with Air Power, Inc.

Trust us to help your business succeed. Reach out today to learn more about our products or place an order using our new website features. We’re ready to get your brand off the ground.

Welcome to Our New Website!
Welcome to Our New Website!
For nearly 30-years Air Power, Inc. has helped power the dreams of general aviation pilots across the nation. While we’ve put so many decades into ensuring that aircraft owners, service centers, and engine overhaul facilities have the essential parts they need for their clients, we thought it was time to give our own brand the boost it deserves.
Cessna (Textron Aviation) Service Bulletin Round Up - October 11th, 2021
Multiple published service bulletins from Textron Aviation this week.
Lycoming Releases SB645 - Connecting Rod Bushing Inspection

Lycoming released this service bulletin on September 24th, 2021 to inspect, remove, and replace connecting rods that could contain bushings that do not meet Lycoming's specifications.  Lycoming recommends that this bulletin be complied with within 10 hours of engine operation. 

A complete list of affected engines can be found in the downloadable service bulletin HERE.

Textron Aviation Releases G2000 Software Update for the Cessna TTx

Textron Aviation releases SEB-34-07 which updates the software on the Cessna TTx (T240) to version 1308.10. This allows for earlier, non-FIKI equipped TTx's to receive the lauded split PFD feature. A full list of changes include:

  • 60/40 PFD Functionality
  • Quicker Manual Transponder Mode Select
  • Allows Control Wheel Steering (CWS) to select a new Flight Level Change reference speed.
  • Adjustment to the Stall Warning Fail CAS message.
  • Prevents inadvertent resetting of the "Tach Time."

You can download a copy of the bulletin HERE. Textron estimates labor of 1.5 hours to complete the bulletin. A complete list of parts needed to accomplish the bulletin can be found here at These parts include:


Top Twelve Reasons To Buy a Genuine Factory Engine from Air Power, Inc.
An aircraft engine is a big purchase. Why should you purchase through Air Power?