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Troubleshooting Ideas for Aircraft Alternator Problems
Troubleshooting Ideas for Aircraft Alternator Problems

An aircraft’s alternator is the piece of equipment that serves as the root provider for an aircraft’s total electrical needs. Without a properly functioning alternator, an aircraft’s battery can’t properly charge and could leave an aviator grounded until the problem is resolved.

At Air Power, Inc. we specialize in providing our clients with quality aircraft engines and parts. If your customers come to you with the need for a new alternator or related part, we have the supply on hand to help you keep your customer’s aircraft in prime condition.

However, before completely switching out alternators for customers, let’s take a closer look at the true signs that the alternator is their source of trouble and how you or your customers can troubleshoot the source of their issue for the most accurate repair or replacement.

Signs Your Alternator is in Trouble

If an aircraft experiences some of the following issues, they are a red flag that an alternator is on the verge of failure:

  • Low or no output
  • Stalling engine
  • Discharge indication on an ammeter. These should usually have zero charges with a functioning alternator
  • Declining load meter
  • Low-bus-voltage/alternator-out annunciators

How can You Troubleshoot Your Customer’s Alternator Problems?

When the alternator warning light pops up on an aircraft’s dashboard, it’s important for owners and mechanics alike to remember that this warning light doesn’t always mean that the alternator is the engine part with a problem.

So in order to save an owner the stress of returning an alternator to a mechanic only to realize there is no fault found, here are some ways from the expert manufacturers of Hartzell that can help them troubleshoot their alternator’s problem before having to dig deeper into the mechanics of the aircraft.

Get the Tools of the Trade

In order to perform most troubleshooting techniques, an individual must invest in a Calibrated Volt-Ohm Meter. Our recommendation is to avoid VOMs made with stainless steel as they don’t provide the magnetism that some troubleshooting tests require.

Start With Recycling Switches

Recycle your alternator switch to determine if low or no output to your battery is resulting from the alternator. After switching on your Master and Alternator switches, use your VOM to measure the output. Based on the type of system you have, the following measurements mean that an alternator is in trouble:

  • Less than 13.5 volts for a 12V
  • Less than 25.5 volts for a 24V

Test Magnetic Pull

After your Master and Alternator switches are on, you could place a metal scale on the alternator chassis. A magnetic pull without alternator output showing on your VOM means that there is a problem with the alternator itself.

Measure Field Voltage and Test Field Resistance

Measure your field voltage with your VOM. It should read 75% bus. If it’s lower or zeroes, it’s time for your customers to bring in the alternator.

Use the VOM against your alternator’s field wire to test the field resistance. Your aircraft’s 24-volt alternator should have this reading at 8-12 ohms. Any higher or lower, there could be issues with the alternator’s brushes or brush assembly.

Inspect Grounds With VOM

Check the grounds between your alternator and the aircraft’s frame. If your reading is less than 0.2 ohms, take the aircraft in for inspections and necessary repairs.

Meet Your Customer’s Alternator Needs With Air Power, Inc.

If your aircraft repair shop is constantly in the market for alternators and alternator parts, join up with Air Power, Inc. for a partnership that ensures your shop receives the necessary parts it needs on time.

Our website updates allow our customers to view our stock in real-time and gain a clear understanding of when they will receive their product.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or peruse our website and start making a mass order now.

Top Benefits of Financing an Airplane Engine Purchase
Top Benefits of Financing an Airplane Engine Purchase

If your business responsibilities include providing airplane owners with engines and engine parts, you’ll need to make advanced investments to ensure you always have the necessary equipment on hand.

We’ve been in the industry for decades and know that the flat-out purchase of a single airplane engine can be expensive. Now, multiply these financial needs by a dozen or so, and the prices really hit exorbitant levels.

Fortunately, at Air Power, we understand that businesses and airplane owners don’t always have the instant cash available to cover the purchase of multiple new or refurbished aircraft engines. That’s why we are proud to offer simple financing options to all of our customers that are eager to get off of the ground!

Why Finance Your Next Engine Through Air Power, Inc.?

Financing an aircraft engine means that you’ll qualify for a flexible payment plan, and will, more importantly, come out of the application process with one or more new and overhauled engines.

Trust us to make financing a simple process that helps your customers make aircraft upgrades and engine replacements that keep their crafts in the air.

Here are some of the biggest reasons to put your financing needs in our hands.

We Have Pre-Established Financial Partners

In most cases, it can be difficult to find a bank that approves overhauled engine financing at affordable rates. However, at Air Power, we avoid the hassle of dealing directly with a traditional bank.

Each of our financing opportunities is backed by Van Bortel Finance Corporation. Their trusted industry name, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction guarantees excellent service throughout the entire financing process.

We Keep Financing Personal

Financing for any customer can seem like an impersonal transaction that can often leave a lingering, untrusting feeling at the end of the day. 

At Air Power, our financing isn’t supplied by a third party you have to warm up to. Each of our financing transactions is made directly through our team. This means that even before the financing is secured, rapport has been established and our customers already know they’re getting honest, quality financing opportunities.

Our Financing Options Are Available for All of Our Top Engines

No matter the type of aircraft engine your customers need, Air Power is prepared to help you provide the best equipment to your repair shop at flexible rates.

Our entire engine collection is available for financing opportunities. So, no matter what your needs are, you can rest assured that we won’t discriminate when determining whether a product is eligible for financing.

Be Prepared for Any Engine Repair or Replacement With Air Power, Inc.

Air Power Inc. is dedicated to doing everything in our power to make aircraft engines and parts easily attainable to our customers. From our financing services to our continual updates to our website and user-friendly practices, we are your local resource for reliable, quality aircraft engines at a competitive price.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or browse our online shop to discover what aircraft parts we currently have in stock.