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Eleven Reasons to Buy Genuine Continental & Lycoming Factory Engines

1. Increased Aircraft Value

The current market place has determined that a genuine factory engine adds at least 10% to the value of your aircraft.

2. Investment:

With an investment as important as your aircraft engine, nothing is more important to consider than the integrity, the standards, and the financial strength of the company that builds your engine.  The manufacturers have the resources to stand behind their engines. They have the financial strength and an unprecedented record of servicing their customers.

3. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):

Lycoming and Continental Aerospace Technologies are the original manufacturers of your aircraft engine. These manufacturers have engineering departments that employ the top piston engine talent in the world.  Every day, their research goes into the design, development and support of each genuine factory engine.  No one knows your engine better than the factory that built it.

No one has more experience than Lycoming and Continental Aerospace Technologies when it comes to building general aviation engines.  Today, the majority of all of the new piston powered general aviation aircraft are powered by either a Lycoming or a Continental Aerospace Technologies engine. Lycoming has been building aircraft engines since 1929 and Continental Aerospace Technologies built its first aircraft engine in 1906.

4.  Everything Included:

Every Genuine Factory Engine includes:

- The Latest Product Improvements
- All Engineering Changes (many of these are only available to the manufacturer)
- Service Letters
- Service Bulletins (mandatory and recommended)
- Service Instructions
- Airworthiness Directives

All of these improvements, that have been developed since your engine was originally produced, will automatically be incorporated in your genuine factory engine at no additional cost to you. 

5Proven, Reliable Parts:

The majority of parts that go into a genuine factory engine are new. Genuine factory engines only have genuine factory parts, all of these parts are proven, reliable parts.  You, your aircraft and your engine are not the test bed for “copy cat” parts. Your engine was designed, built and tested as a total system. Using anything but factory engineered replacement parts could compromise the integrity of the entire engine.  When you choose a genuine factory engine, you know you are getting the time-tested components that have been manufactured, tested, certified and constantly improved through ongoing R & D programs.

6. Quality:

No engine can compare with the quality of a genuine factory engine.  These engines are in a league of their own. Their record for quality, durability, performance and reliability is unmatched.

7. No Surprises:

The price you are quoted for a genuine factory engine is the price you will pay for a genuine factory engine.  There are no “we didn’t know about that until we opened it up” surprises.  When it comes to your aircraft engine, the last thing you want is a surprise.

8.  Warranty:

Each genuine factory engine is backed by the best warranty in the business.  Factory warranties are valid anywhere in the world.  When you purchase a genuine factory engine, warranty work can be performed by any licensed mechanic (worldwide).  The factories provide product support and well-stocked inventories at over 100 locations worldwide.  You can get the parts you want, when and where you want them.

9. Zero Time Engines: 

Only the original manufacturer can “zero time” an engine and deliver the engine with a “zero time” logbook.

10. Less Down Time:

Genuine factory engines are sold on an exchange basis.  This means that once you have placed an order for a factory engine, you may continue to fly your aircraft until the new engine arrives.  (Lycoming offers the option to overhaul your engine if requested.)

11. Peace of Mind

The global strength, financial stability and the uncompromised standards of Lycoming and Continental Motors gives peace of mind to the owners that fly behind these engines.