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Textron Aviation Releases G2000 Software Update for the Cessna TTx

Textron Aviation releases SEB-34-07 which updates the software on the Cessna TTx (T240) to version 1308.10. This allows for earlier, non-FIKI equipped TTx's to receive the lauded split PFD feature. A full list of changes include:

  • 60/40 PFD Functionality
  • Quicker Manual Transponder Mode Select
  • Allows Control Wheel Steering (CWS) to select a new Flight Level Change reference speed.
  • Adjustment to the Stall Warning Fail CAS message.
  • Prevents inadvertent resetting of the "Tach Time."

You can download a copy of the bulletin HERE. Textron estimates labor of 1.5 hours to complete the bulletin. A complete list of parts needed to accomplish the bulletin can be found here at These parts include: